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The climax that changed my style

Posted by Bonnot - 2 weeks ago

For those of you who recently discovered my music, I didn't talk much about what or how my production went about, and just expressed it through the music. You probably were shocked if you listened to my earlier work, as far as 2016, how different they were. I hope this post could explain part of the reason why I changed my style so drastically, at least on the philosophical point of view.

The emotion in these recently works I was looking for, that something depressed, angry, despair yet epic and massive at the same time. I wanted the sounds to represent this dying world. Throughout times on NG, and in the music industry, I've been seeking for a better way to not just communicate, but to relate to my listeners, and vice versa. This now, this the right path. I've done it. But I need a way to connect my listeners to the real world, to educate them, to warn them, about the coming societal collapse. And then, Collapse was born, and it laid out the path for this future. My music have always been purposed as the gateway of education, directly and indirectly.

While Anarchy was my earliest attempt of this style, Collapse and Desertion marked the true changing point in my works.

At first, I thought about making synthwave and stuff, because I do like happy euphoric music. But that's not the reality I'm facing. The reality is that not all my followers nor me will have the chance to survive in this future. I need a tool of education effectively for them. Something to help them think about things coming. Even subconsciously is better than none. I need better way to connect people. This is my grand project.

The video that made me start doing things about this collapse project was Deep Adaptation by Jem Bendell:

It's no conspiratory crackpot theory. It's an actual scientific research paper written in 2018. The warning for societal collapse also went back as far as the 70s when Exxon hired scientists to research about global warming, and they predicted today's climate problem and eventually was omitted by BP execs. In 2011, an anarchist text was written called Desert, also warned about this.

I believe that education about these things through the medium of expression is the best way to relate to my audience, and their other audience. We're all interconnected and while we might have different, we're still on the same boat, same planet, and we share similar responsibility to keeping this world and its ecology safe.

It's just a very humble take on it. Comparing to the things I do IRL, the radical stuff I do on NG is mild. But still, it's a nice way to have discussion with strangers, through music or art.

Have a great weekend.



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Bonnot, I think you're one of the underrated unique indie artist out there that is full of emotion and your deep philosophy as far as I have met so far. Just wanted to say, keep on going.

Thanks for your kind words, Jessie. Music making is more than just a hobby for me, it's a way of coping with life stuff. I gave a long thought on should I pursue pro career with music, and I came to the decision of sticking with NG community.